30 March, 2010

Challenge #8: Eggs

There, something a little festive for the occasion! Now, if you'll excuse me, those Cadbury's are a calling my name...

Due: 4 April 2010 (Sunday)

Challenge posted by: Sara

Challenge #7: Zodiac (Sara)

Hoo! Yeah, quite late this week, and with not much but another sketch to show for it. I'll have to start on the next one earlier in the week.

Anyhow! I went with the Chinese Zodiac. There's me, the water Boar, and a certain someone else, the fiery Tiger ;)

Fire and Water

29 March, 2010

Challenge #7: Zodiac (Fala)

Hoo boy, we suck, do we not? And me in particular . . . I keep finding myself having to jot these off last minute, but this week, I am late, in addition to that. FOR SHAME.

Anyhoo, this is a throwback to the old zodiac chart I made a few years ago, at Ringling. It's still one of my faves.

. . . I can't get Photobucket to upload this any larger. Again, FOR SHAME. And poo.


I await yours (and the next challenge) quite eagerly, Sara-mate!

21 March, 2010

Challenge #7: Zodiac

Oh my stars and garters! . . . Well, the stars part, anyway. Though I suppose as a joke, you could add garters to Orion's belt- Oh wait, no you could not! Because Orion is a constellation and not a zodiac! Too bad, ha ha :P

At any rate, this week's challenge is zodiacs. Western or Chinese, as long as it refers back to the star signs or the twelve animals, it goes. So quit dragon it out and get started, already! We haven't got all day or starry night! The last challenge nearly taurus apart, but if we get a good early start on this one, we'll each come up with a real gem(ini). Goat to it, then!

Due: 28th March, 2010 (Sunday)

Challenge posted by: Fala

Challenge #6: Coffee and Tea (Fala)

. . . Or rather "Tea and Coffee."

Aaaaarrrrrrgh, I only had one evening to do this one, aaaaaaarghhh . . .


Coffee always makes me think of coffee shops with bad lighting, worse poetry and people wearing berets and roll-neck jumpers performing it. Tea has a more clean, regal and sophisticated bent to it.

. . . Shush, bias, nobody asked you!

Aaaaaaargh, I wish I had had more time to work on this as the subject matter is so very, very abreast with my interests ^_^;

Challenge #6: Coffee and Tea (Sara)

As artsy-fart-tastic as painting with coffee is, it does have a lovely color. So, that's what I did. A quick little sketch of my coffee supplies, for the morning ritual of making coffee is as satisfying as drinking it. Also, bagels. Bagels are delicious.

Mmm, Bagel

14 March, 2010

Challenge #6: Coffee and Tea

Or, if you like, coffee and/or tea. Do a piece involving either, or use coffee and/or tea as your media!

Due: 21 March 2010 (Sunday)

Challenge posted by: Sara

Challenge #5: Blue (Fala)

A scene from my novel in the works. That's it, really. See? I told you this challenge was simple!


Challenge #5: Blue (Sara)

For this week I have a very messy, and very sketchy gouache offering. The word blue led me to the phrase 'into the wild blue yonder', which then had me picturing some strange creature and/or superhero going by the name of 'Wild Blue Yonder'. With the furry things growing out of his shoulders, he might be a relative of the Creeper.

Wild Blue Yonder

07 March, 2010

Challenge #5: Blue

. . . Do I really need to expound upon that? Right.

Due: 14th March, 2010

Challenge posted by: Fala

Challenge #4: Cute and Terrifying (Fala)

Sara said 'animal, vegetable, mineral', and I decided that I wanted to do all three.




The inspiration for the 'terrifying' half of this challenge is partially owed to a wee bird known as a shrike. The shrike's feet are so weak that it can not hold its prey in order to eat it, so it has taken to impaling its meals upon thorns and tucking in from there. In case of poisonous prey, the shrike has been known to leave said prey stuck into the thorns for days at a time so that the sun will dry up the toxins and make it safe to eat. Vlad would be proud.

Well. There it is. [/emporer from Amadeus]

Challenge #4: Cute and Terrifying (Sara)

This is my tribute to the possum that comes by my back porch every so often to sniff through my recycling bin. The little bugger has the most adorable face and wobbly gait, but those teeth are still quite scary.