21 March, 2010

Challenge #7: Zodiac

Oh my stars and garters! . . . Well, the stars part, anyway. Though I suppose as a joke, you could add garters to Orion's belt- Oh wait, no you could not! Because Orion is a constellation and not a zodiac! Too bad, ha ha :P

At any rate, this week's challenge is zodiacs. Western or Chinese, as long as it refers back to the star signs or the twelve animals, it goes. So quit dragon it out and get started, already! We haven't got all day or starry night! The last challenge nearly taurus apart, but if we get a good early start on this one, we'll each come up with a real gem(ini). Goat to it, then!

Due: 28th March, 2010 (Sunday)

Challenge posted by: Fala

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