04 May, 2010

Challenge #12: Cnidaria vs Cephalopoda

Alas, this weekend I was at my parent's house, enjoying many a family dinner, and far far away from anything resembling photoshop or a scanner. But I have done an ink doodle, and found a kinkos, so here is my entry for the week:


At my folk's house there happened to be a lovely book by Jacques-Yves Cousteau that helped me out a bit ^_^

02 May, 2010

Challenge #12: Cnidaria Versus Cephalopoda (Fala)

Just barely squeaking in on time!


Behold the Blue-Ringed Octopus and the Box Jellyfish. Both of them are included on the list of the top ten most venomous creatures on Earth. The box jelly tops the list with a sting which can kill a person in under four minutes. The tentacles of the box jelly are typically about six feet long and can actually shoot tiny, poisonous barbs on contact. Additionally, whilst most poisonous animals' toxins are specialised (targetting the nervous system, the heart, eating flesh, et cetera), this Cnidarian's venom is a triple threat; Its sting is neurotoxic, cardiotoxic and dermatonacrotic (in other words, all of the above). Additionally, they are unique among jellyfish, being in the possession of true eyes, complete with lenses, retinae and pupils. Though they, like all jellyfish, lack a brain, it has been proven that they can, in fact, process colour, light and movement and they actively pursue prey, rather than simply drifting about and waiting for something to brush up against them. Box jellies are native to Australia and have killed nearly 100 people in the past century.

As poisonous as the above Octopus is (also Australian and having claimed 60-some victims), Jellyboy's got him beat. And judging by the look on Blue's face up there, he knows it ^_^

26 April, 2010

Challenge #12: Cephalopoda versus Cnidaria

Move over, Pirate-Versus-Ninja debate! You're getting really old . . . Go collect your pension, already.

This week's challenge iiiiis . . . Cephalopoda vs. Cnidaria

Wiki/Google it, you lazy Norberts. Suffice it to say, my crittergeekery has been running particularly rampant as of late. As always, this could go one of several ways. You can compare and contrast the two, you can draw your depiction of whom you think would win/lose, or you can illustrate the very heat of the epic battle! Either way, I think that this one's going to be great fun. I hope you'll find the same ^_^

. . . And yes, I realise I used class and phylum respectively, whereas class and class or phylum and phylum would have been more appropriate. But I'm a sucker for alliteration, so there you are.

YOU LOT: But it doesn't alliterate if you say it out loud. "Cephalopod" uses a soft 'c' and 'Cnidaria" uses a hard 'c."


Challenge posted by: Fala

Due: 2nd May, 2010 (Sunday)

Challenge #11: Snow (Sara)

Oh dear! A bit late, sorry about that!

One day, when I am where it snows this much once more, I will do this. I will make snow angels in my underpants.


25 April, 2010

Challenge #11: Snow (Fala)

Avast, alas and alack the day, I have been very much lacking in time, energy and imagination this week. So you get a speed-doodled snow leopard.


19 April, 2010

Challenge #11: Snow

Speaking of the various places we're all spread out in now, know what we've all had a bit of this winter? Snow! Yes, it did actually snow a bit in Orlando, and a fair bit more the closer you get to Georgia.

Recall a snowy memory, snow cones in the heat of summer, anything you like!

Challenge posted by: Sara

Due: 25th April 2010 (Sunday)

Challenge #10: City Features (Sara)

I quite enjoyed this challenge, it gave me push to go ahead and sketch & photograph a few sites around Sarasota that I've meant to sketch for quite a while. Then I wound up going with only two of them.

One is a tree. Just a tree. I pass it every time I go to the beach and it always puts me in mind of the truffula trees out of 'The Lorax'.

The other is the squat little horned critter that sits under the Opera House sign. I love that little guy. Thought he could use a change of scenery for a short bit. He probably isn't enjoying it much, though. From there most of what he's going to see is Tamiami Trail.


18 April, 2010

Challenge #10: City Features (Fala)

It is cheating to strike a friendly compromise betwixt two birds with one metaphorical stone, asks the vegan?

Probably, Fala. Probably, is the answer.

I wanted to do this for work anyway, so I hope that is all right . . . Otto and Anna feed a meter in historic Downtown Annapolis. You'll notice that there is no car in the parking space . . . Well, there is an explanation for that. Annapolis has come to be called 'ticket town' in some circles. Meter men/maids have been know to literally wait by cars wherein the meter has only a short time left, and slap a ticket on the windshield with half of a second of the meter's expiry.

Often when I drive downtown, I find myself upon the serendipity of a good parking space with a substantial amount of time left on the meter from the previous occupant. Thus, if I have a bit of change in my pocket and I notice another promising space awaiting a guest, I like to pay it forward (and yes, I do know this will be utilised because this is a major tourist point and people are constantly coming and going.)


And if you want to watch me paint it, I actually filmed it like the utter hobgeeklin that I am.

11 April, 2010

Challenge #9: Hands (Fala)

Just barely getting thing in by midnight, so I'll keep it brief. Palmistry! A scene from my novel! Zekiel Arcenaux! Aveline Archer! The man who lost his brother tragically! The medium who can help him!



Challenge #9: Hands (Sara)

A long, long time ago, way back in high school, I took a bronze casting class. And in that class, I made a little bronze sculpture that I loved dearly. It was a giant hand with two long spindly legs sticking out of its wrist. Then, a few years later, some damn kids broke into my parent's house and stole it. They took a lot of other things as well, but I miss my bronze hand!

Anyhow, these hand headed people look sorta, but not really, like that sculpture from long long ago. I'm afraid I really don't have more of an explanation for why these two business people have giant hands for heads.

Everybody join hands

04 April, 2010

Challenge #9: Hands

Levez les mains and wave 'em like you just don't care, mates! This challenge is, simply put 'hands.' You can interperet this several different ways; Naturally, you can literally draw hands. If hands present a challenge for you, maybe sketch out a few studies. You could also take this mean the hands of a clock. You could venture further still and illustrate what it means to lend a helping hand, or refer to a bad or good hand in poker. Further still, there is the unit of measure used to dictate the height of a horse, a style of writing, a worker on a ship . . . heck, there's even a character in Treasure Island called Mr. Hands! So you see, the possibilities are through the roof.

Get to it! After all, we're art-people. And guess what we work with?

Due: 11th April, 2010 (Sunday)

Challenge Posted By: Fala

Challenge #8: Eggs (Sara)

Make sure you find all your hidden eggs this year, or they shall be back to haunt you. And they will be stinky.


No where near as amazing and friggin' ADORABLE as Fala's, but there you go!

Challenge #8: Eggs (Fala)

Happy Easter, all!

I made this wee statuette in reference to the story of the Goddess, Eostre. It is often said that today's Easter holiday owes a great deal to this Pagan Goddess of Spring, who saved an injured bird by changing it into a rabbit. Every year round spring, however, the rabbit would then remember that it was a bird, and it would lay eggs. Hence, we get the Easter Bunny and Easter eggs.

Now, this story is a topic of debate, just about everyone I've heard it from/asked about it has told me something different. Either way, it's a fun idea and so we get . . .


BUNNYGRIFFS! . . . Come to think on it, I want to declare my responsibility for coining that term right now. I can not be certain the concept is my own to claim, but I'm going slap my hands down on this tabletop and say 'Bunnygriffs in name, copyright Fala Lee Hayes, 2010". Hurrah! . . . Or would it be more cute spelt 'Bunnigriffs'? Arararararrr.

And lastly, a wee doodle which is sort of Re: The Last Post. One person will get this. For those who don't . . . er, tant pis pourtoit . . .? HOY, IT'S STILL EGGS.


30 March, 2010

Challenge #8: Eggs

There, something a little festive for the occasion! Now, if you'll excuse me, those Cadbury's are a calling my name...

Due: 4 April 2010 (Sunday)

Challenge posted by: Sara

Challenge #7: Zodiac (Sara)

Hoo! Yeah, quite late this week, and with not much but another sketch to show for it. I'll have to start on the next one earlier in the week.

Anyhow! I went with the Chinese Zodiac. There's me, the water Boar, and a certain someone else, the fiery Tiger ;)

Fire and Water

29 March, 2010

Challenge #7: Zodiac (Fala)

Hoo boy, we suck, do we not? And me in particular . . . I keep finding myself having to jot these off last minute, but this week, I am late, in addition to that. FOR SHAME.

Anyhoo, this is a throwback to the old zodiac chart I made a few years ago, at Ringling. It's still one of my faves.

. . . I can't get Photobucket to upload this any larger. Again, FOR SHAME. And poo.


I await yours (and the next challenge) quite eagerly, Sara-mate!

21 March, 2010

Challenge #7: Zodiac

Oh my stars and garters! . . . Well, the stars part, anyway. Though I suppose as a joke, you could add garters to Orion's belt- Oh wait, no you could not! Because Orion is a constellation and not a zodiac! Too bad, ha ha :P

At any rate, this week's challenge is zodiacs. Western or Chinese, as long as it refers back to the star signs or the twelve animals, it goes. So quit dragon it out and get started, already! We haven't got all day or starry night! The last challenge nearly taurus apart, but if we get a good early start on this one, we'll each come up with a real gem(ini). Goat to it, then!

Due: 28th March, 2010 (Sunday)

Challenge posted by: Fala

Challenge #6: Coffee and Tea (Fala)

. . . Or rather "Tea and Coffee."

Aaaaarrrrrrgh, I only had one evening to do this one, aaaaaaarghhh . . .


Coffee always makes me think of coffee shops with bad lighting, worse poetry and people wearing berets and roll-neck jumpers performing it. Tea has a more clean, regal and sophisticated bent to it.

. . . Shush, bias, nobody asked you!

Aaaaaaargh, I wish I had had more time to work on this as the subject matter is so very, very abreast with my interests ^_^;

Challenge #6: Coffee and Tea (Sara)

As artsy-fart-tastic as painting with coffee is, it does have a lovely color. So, that's what I did. A quick little sketch of my coffee supplies, for the morning ritual of making coffee is as satisfying as drinking it. Also, bagels. Bagels are delicious.

Mmm, Bagel

14 March, 2010

Challenge #6: Coffee and Tea

Or, if you like, coffee and/or tea. Do a piece involving either, or use coffee and/or tea as your media!

Due: 21 March 2010 (Sunday)

Challenge posted by: Sara