04 April, 2010

Challenge #9: Hands

Levez les mains and wave 'em like you just don't care, mates! This challenge is, simply put 'hands.' You can interperet this several different ways; Naturally, you can literally draw hands. If hands present a challenge for you, maybe sketch out a few studies. You could also take this mean the hands of a clock. You could venture further still and illustrate what it means to lend a helping hand, or refer to a bad or good hand in poker. Further still, there is the unit of measure used to dictate the height of a horse, a style of writing, a worker on a ship . . . heck, there's even a character in Treasure Island called Mr. Hands! So you see, the possibilities are through the roof.

Get to it! After all, we're art-people. And guess what we work with?

Due: 11th April, 2010 (Sunday)

Challenge Posted By: Fala

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